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Victoria & Fiem, a well-recognized specialist worldwide in the production of egg incubation systems since 1924, has made great strides in its research team and the high investment in advanced The production of innovative machines, both in terms of efficiency and competitiveness.

The three main objectives achieved by the Victoria & Fiem incubators are: versatility, flexibility and universality.


The Victoria machines are special in that they are made to measure according to customer requirements by being tested, with their different egg trays, for the incubation of all species.


The fundamental changes introduced in the on-board control systems, internal structure and complementary accessories were designed to increase productivity both in terms of reliability and hatch performance and maximum profits by eliminating any risk of loss.


The first improvement in the ventilation system, which consists of the introduction of a six-bladed fan instead of four, ergonomic and with a slope (97 °), has brought more uniform oxygenation into the machines, with Best performance in terms of percentage hatching.


Secondly there are new heating elements, elongated or straight, which guarantee a better propagation of the heat. Third, to extend the life of the machine, our research and development team has created a new anti-corrosion treatment where the cooling serpentines are soaked in a nickel solution. This choice facilitates and accelerates cleaning by preventing the cooling system from degrading even with frequent high temperature washing with aggressive detergents, a choice that immediately reduces operating costs.


In addition, non-corrosive materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum are used to produce all the metal parts of these machines (mainly the fan support structure and the front electric panel). Similarly, Victoria has devoted particular attention to the humidification system. Thanks to the atomizing nozzle and the high pressure water pump, the propagation of the nebulous jet is more precise and homogeneous; This system, provided with filters and softeners, prevents any deposition of limestone. This design, which avoids dependence on compressed air, significantly reduces energy costs by lowering your overall costs and therefore maximizing the profitability of your investment and your profits for the sake of efficiency Increased.

Victoria has developed breakthrough technologies that can control and optimize each production phase. For example, the egg turning system, independent for each cart, does not use compressed air, but is electrically powered and operated by motors at a very low voltage (24 VDC). The intervention time is programmable from the operator's API according to the needs of use. Equally important, each incubator is equipped with a new disinfection system, which is automatically controlled by the API and programmed by the operator, which allows a disinfectant solution to be nebulized inside the machine to reduce the bacterial load.

Thanks to the enormous research and development in almost all areas of incubator production, Victoria & Fiem further strengthens its position as one of the leading companies in the sector in the world by pursuing its goal of increasing the efficiency and productivity of its Machines for the satisfaction of its customers.